MDP Desktop Icons

Learn how to add desktop icon support to your own custom desktop environment.


Note: Everything in bold is currently done.

  • Desktop Icons with Text.
  • Right Click Event "Popup Menu" (Desktop, Panel or Custom Menu). Note: Event Works still need menu
  • Left Click Event "On Icon" (Single, Double or Tripple Click) Selection or Exacution.
  • Left Click"Single" & Drag Event "On Icon" (Icon Selection & Move).
  • Left Click"Single" & Drag Event "On Desktop" (Rubberband Selection).
  • Resize Wallpaper.
  • Specify as Gdk background window type.
  • Resize Icons.
  • Resize wallpaper to screen size.
  • Align text to bottum center of icon.
  • Scale & Rotate icons individually.
  • Svg Support. Note should allready be working.
  • Png Support.
  • Animated png & svg wallpaper support with sound effects.
  • Animated png & svg icon support with sound effects.
  • Shaped rubberband selection.
  • Icon & or Text background styles.
  • 2D Icon Physics support.
  • Mouse button 1, 2, 3 events.
  • Interactive Animated Icon & Wallpaper Support.
  • Plugin System
  • Place Desktop on all screens.
  • Watch Desktop Directory.
  • Play system sounds.

You will receive a PDF/ODF/Text/HTML tutorial, and a example application coded in C.

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